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Dr. Jay was an excellent Chemistry tutor. He helped me to understand concepts in an easy, concise manner. Because of his mentorship and support, I was able to excel in Chemistry 12 as well as AP Chemistry. I would highly recommend him to any student seeking assistance in Chemistry. Thanks for all the help Dr. Jay!

Dr. Jay helped me tremendously throughout the span of my course. He catered every session to cover the specific material I needed help with and did not hesitate to teach me material in advance. He was very flexible with times we could meet, was very knowledgeable in all areas, and clearly strives for the success of all his students.

Vihan Amarasinghe

Bree Law

Dr. Herath helped me with my second year O-Chem and P-Chem courses. Having him as a tutor helped me understand the fundamentals required for the courses more confidently. He also provides many practice questions to supplement the course and learning for his students. He is confident in the subjects offered and ensures the best for his students.

Chris Fung

Dr. Jay was an excellent tutor. Took a couple organic chem lessons from him in perpetration for the MCAT. His teaching style was perfect as he adapted the lessons to my needs and made sure that concepts were understood fully. I got a great score on MCAT thanks to Dr. Jay. I would highly recommend him for any tutoring needs!!

Zohaib Nadeem

Dr. Jay is simply the best. I have had various tutors teach me at Metro Van Tutoring and i really liked their style and passion for meeting. Very good center. Really recommend it to everyone.

Prab Sandhu

Mr. Jay is an extremely helpful tutor. He deeply cares about his students and offers a reasonable rate.

Sunny Gill

I have been going to this tutoring institute for over a year and from my personal experience Metro Van Tutoring with Dr Jay Herath has been very honest and reliable. Metro Van is a very knowledgeable institute to attend, to learn and get assistance on academic subject. Some of these subjects include math (such as advanced pre-calculus and calculus subjects) and sciences (biology, physics, chemistry, earth sciences etc..). Dr Jay Herath and the many other educated tutors who help run the facility have really helped bump my math and science grades to the high nineties in terms of my grade percentage! I would totally recommend this institute for students in high school and even university students!!

Dr Jay has been an extremely good mentor to me and many others. He is an excellent teacher and always goes the extra mile to make sure you understand his lesson, and genuinely cares about students. He also makes effort to find opportunities for people in various situations and is a very caring. Dr Jay caters to everyone’s needs and makes sure that all his students feel comfortable in the learning environment that he creates. I highly recommend his services - not only is he a great teacher, but he is also a generous & kind person :)

Chirath A

April Liu

Getting tutored by Dr. Jay is the absolute key to success. The way Dr. Jay teaches is clear, is concise, and is very effective. Dr. Jay uses many examples, solves problems alongside the student, and ensures the student masters the material by giving step by step methods of problem solving. Very knowledgeable and extremely dedicated.

Dr. Jay is an excellent tutor, he helped me with my IB chemistry curriculum especially with organic chemistry. Thanks to his help I received a 7 in chemistry and admittance to UBC and UofT. I could never have imagined passing chemistry before I met him.

Tara Fernando

Nicolas Candelaria

Dr. Jay and his teaching team are excellent educators and offer great services for students from high-school to university :)

Dr.Herath is the excellent choice if you are looking for a chemistry tutor. His way of explaining hard concepts with all the the tricky details and also working with me through hard questions helped me recieve an A in chem 233. Perfect tutor for chemistry.

Aki Ediriweera

Arya G

Dr. Herath is not only a great tutor but also an excellent mentor. He helped my son to get in to UBC with a major entrance scholarship. He also effectively guide my son to write his first letter to the editor on very important public health topic related to adolescents. I highly recommend Dr. Hearath not only as a excellent tutor but also as a great mentor.

Dr. Jay is without a doubt an excellent teacher. The best that I've ever had. I am an athlete and I have absent for many parts of the year so catching up was always a task. With the easy techniques and way in which Jay taught me the materials in a few hours and guided me to achieve an "A" in all three terms of Chemistry 12. I know that with his help, skill and experience he will continue to assist me and help me succeed. He is also a very easy going, friendly fellow. Also, he will continue to be my tutor in my university endeavors. I highly recommend him for anyone to boost their mark and understand concepts with ease. Thank you very much Jay!

Mahendra Gampolage


Jay is by far one of the best tutors that I’ve ever had. He is knowledgeable and respectful to his students. He really knows how to teach organic chemistry. I finally understand how much effort and time it takes to learn the language of organic chemistry. It’s definitely not an easy course but with Jay’s help and strategies, I was able to learn the material quickly within a short period of time. It is true that he can explain difficult and confusing concepts using simple and understandable terms. He also answers all my questions and he makes sure that I fully understand it before exam time. Although he has a very tight schedule, he always manages to have time with me the day before exams. He even encourages me to do better by coming up with the best solution on how I can prepare for the next exam. With Jay’s encouragement and help, I was able to achieve a final grade in organic chemistry that was beyond my expectations. I’m so thankful to have Jay as my chemistry tutor.

Dr Jay took me all the way from Ochem, through two semesters of Biochem, the MCAT and more Ochem, and into medical school. Aside from being a dedicated and hard-working teacher, he is also extremely experienced and knowledgeable of the various academic systems (high school, various local universities, MCAT/medical school applications etc). At UBC he was familiar with the peculiarities of various courses and professors' individual teaching styles and exam habits. He was therefore able to teach both academic content and tailored success strategies. He is also extremely kind and has gone out of his way, through the years, to give me academic and life advice, referrals to other resources and the like. From knowing other students of his I know that he takes a personal interest in his students and can remain a key factor in their success even after he is no longer their tutor. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jay.



Jay is the best science teacher ever,with him i experienced a new dimension of science.With him science became one of my favorite subjects.He is good at every part of science especially the physics part.Everytime he teaches me something ,if i don't under stand,he would try to use examples around us to explain how it works to me.In this way of teaching,Jay makes science very interestig.

I had other tutors before, but Jay did best reviews for biology and chemistry. Now I'm camping and waiting to start my university in a month. I am getting a 20% higher mark now than I ever did before he trained me to learn the subject smarter and take tests with great results.

Thomas Yuan

Jimmy K

I was very fortunate to have Dr. Jay as my chemistry & biology tutor for 2 years. His schedule is very flexible in a sense that I didn't have to have classes every week, unlike other tutors. He is also able to squeeze in a lesson or two before a big exam if I still need any extra help. Also, Jay can explain difficult concepts very well and it is very easy to understand the material after his lessons. I highly recommend Jay for those of you that are struggling in chemistry or biology in school.


Jay is a great tutor. He can teach a new unit from scratch, clearly explain any problems you have, and give you the quickest ways to solve problems. The proof is in the improvement in grades; he helped me bring up my chemistry mark by over 10%. I stopped listening to my teacher in class yet was more caught up than most of my classmates. He saved my chemistry mark.


Jay is an amazing tutor! I often have issues with chem and bio, and even when I have lost all hope, he manages to explain it clearly and make me understand. He is very patient and knowledgeable and has many ways of explaining a concept often using simple examples from the real world. It makes science so much more interesting. Also, his schedule is flexible and he always finds time for me when I'm panicking before a big test. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help in high school or higher level bio and/or chem! Thank you so much for all your help Jay!