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Metro Van Tutoring, established in 2004, focuses heavily on the customer and their needs. We heavily emphasize accessibility, convenience, comfort, and the satisfaction of our students. Our goal is to help our students discover their potential and cater our teaching to their needs and learning style. In fact, we even guarantee a portion of your money back if you are not satisfied with the tutor we provide (that's how much trust we have in our tutors to deliver great and professional lessons!). Check out our testimonials page if you don't believe us.


S-Specific & Individualized

M-Measurable & Motivational

A-Aim & Achieve your goal

R-Realistic, Relevant to your need

T-Time bound & cost limited

So why should I sign up now?? 

Our seats are always filling up quickly - they are not guaranteed unless you sign up ASAP! Because our tutors are so popular and students are so driven, we constantly have a variety of classes going on. We offer 1 on 1 sessions, group lessons, and online classes for essentially anything that you might need, including test/exam prep, study tips & tricks, lab write-up, homework help, and much more!


Our tutors are extremely experienced, with years of teaching behind them and top qualifications in their own respective fields of study. Tutors at Metro Van Tutoring have university credentials including PhD's, masters, and bachelors, and all come prepared to whatever your students needs may be. Some of our most popular tutors, for example, include Dr. Jay Herath (PhD), a UBC med school prof & advisor, and Dr. Sam Azizi (PhD), a professor with years of experience and author of a high school calculus book. 


We believe that there is strong value in each and every student, no matter what their background or capability is. Not only do we want you to know that we value your child, but we also want you to understand the value in our offer. Metro Van Tutoring ensures convenience and accessibility: our tutors are able to travel to your home where your child can learn comfortably. We also totally get how stressful school can be, and genuinely want to help ease some of that burden! If you'd like to use our services to make school a little bit easier, click our Sign Up page.


We are a local company, and our sessions are tailored specifically to help high school and university  students of the lower mainland region. Our teaching style was developed with the British Columbia academic curriculum in mind, we are familiar with courses from most post-secondary institutions in the area, including SFU, UBC, Kwantlen, BCIT, VCC, and most of the secondary schools in the area as well. Not only do we teach from the book, but we also promise to provide simple learning techniques & mechanics that will cut study time significantly. 


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