Aki Ediriweera


Aki joined Dr. Jay's team while he was in high school. Under Jay's guidance, he was selected to UBC and won several major scholarships including the Wesbrook, Trek Excellence, Dean of Land & Food Systems, Chan Yuet Lan, Ulrich Freybe Memorial Food, Nutrition & Health, Derek Vallis, Harry Logan Memorial, Harold B, and Nellie Boyes Memorial Scholarship. Aki has also founded the Global Coalition for Adolescents' Unique Tobbaco Addiction Related Issues, and with Dr. Jay's help, even achieved one of the top MCAT scores on his first try. 

April Liu


April has been under Dr. Jay's guidance for over 4 years. She was enrolled in all honors and took 7 AP courses while devoting much of her time to volunteering outside of school. Throughout high school April was the Volunteer Coordinator and Board member for Special Olympics BC, Regional Manager for Learning Disabilities Career Conference, and Marketing Director for Enroot Society. She was awarded the Leadership Scholarship as well as Perseverance Scholarship from her school. April is currently a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, USA. She is also Chair of the International Students Organizing Committee as well as Senator for the SGA (Student Gov. Association) at Mount Holyoke.

Sanju Ray


Sanju is taking International Baccalaureate (IB) in maths, biology, and chemistry, all of which he has maintained a GPA of 96-99%. He has devoted extensive time as a peer tutor in Pre-Calc 11 apart from his academics and volunteered for child care services. In 2019, he was given a Math Excellence award.

Aidan Tomalty


Under Dr. Jay's mentorship and teaching, Aidan was an A+ student all throughout his classes. He was accepted by Mount Allison University, ranked #1 undergraduate university in Canada by Maclean's magazine. Aidan also entered with a prestigious scholarship. He is an accomplished athlete and compassionate volunteer, helping teach students with ADD and dyslexia. Aidan is a dedicated student with the full potential to become a successful entrepreneur or businessman.

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Prableen Sandu

Prableen is currently a 4th year biology student at UBC hoping to pursue her interests in medicine and public health. She is the President and Founder of the South Asian Cancer Association and has led numerous fundraising events to support cancer research and advocacy programs for the Canadian Cancer Society. In Dec 2019, Prableen was awarded a Regional Outstanding Youth Leadership Award by the Canadian Cancer Society for her efforts in volunteering and founding the SACA. 

Edris Ardeshirlarijani

Edris has been Dr. Jay's student for over 5 years and, under Dr. Jay's mentorship, was able to achieve his goals in academics, volunteer work, publications, teaching tasks in areas such as biology and chemistry. Edris’ hard work and attention to detail has brought about his strong science background which is a testament to his dedication and passion for being of professional service to others. Additionally, Edris volunteered at Metro Van to help with communication between teachers, parents, and students, as well as manage tentative time tables amidst busy office hours.

Milad Najimi


At Metro Van, Milad was able to successfully complete his tutoring and training while excellently performing additional administrative work and engaging in conduction of lectures, tutorials, quizzes, tests, and final exams. Milad is an active & keen learner and peer tutor. He has been learning from Dr. Jay for 2 years to achieve the highest grades and grasp material effectively.