Dr. Herath has successfully mentored countless high school & university students, including professional athletes, Ivy League students, and students who face mental, financial, and household challenges. Not only is he an extremely qualified professor, but he also finds every possible way to guide students' growth. Dr Herath believes that the key to a student's success involves passion & hard work in both academia and service. He holds a doctoral degree in philosophy and sciences. He teaches biology, chemistry, and physics.

April enjoys mentoring younger students and providing them with the tools they need to succeed, as she has helped numerous students with their college applications. She is currently a sophomore at MHC double majoring in Econ and IR, and utilizes her academic & professional experience to assist students in planning their goals and/or future. April is well-rounded and accomplished in academic, career, volunteering, and writing areas.



Chemistry, Biology, Medicine

Metro Van Tutoring's President, Jay Herath, is university professor at the University of British Columbia School of Medicine. Dr. Herath has a wealth of experience in teaching chemistry, biology/microbiology, and medicine to students. Dr. Herath emphasizes teaching students the academic curriculum alongside other holistic skills, which allow students to succeed in later education and beyond.  He specializes in MCAT, IB, AP, and SAT II.


Calculus, Statistics, Precalculus

With over 17 years of experience teaching mathematics, Dr. Azizi holds a PhD in Commutative Algebra & Module Theory. He is a reviewer of the Mathematical Reviews Journal of the AMS, and an author of a high school Calculus book. Dr. Azizi specializes in teaching higher level math courses, including upper year SFU and UBC courses. He also has extensive experience preparing students for the SAT I, SAT II Math I & II subject tests, AP Calculus AB & BC, and AP Statistics exams.



At the age of 4, Alex set a world record for memorization of flags. Alex has won numerous regional and provincial tournaments, alongside being 2x BC Junior Champion. Alex has a wealth of experience in tutoring students in math and chess, and is currently providing tutoring services in precalculus to a number of Metro Van Tutoring students.


Precalculus, Physics

Nazam is very qualified in teaching in a number of educational environments ranging from academically gifted to behaviorally challenging. He has dealt effectively with educational objectives and IRP’s in classroom environments. An experienced and qualified proctor for online Math/Physics course examinations with excellent communication skills, and fluent mastery in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu, he is also the course director for various summer science courses.


Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Holding a Bachelor’s & Master’s in Biochemistry and PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology, Dr. Garate has been a tutor for 9 years. He has experience working with small groups at the UBC Medicine Undergraduate Program, and is always delighted to guide and support students in an encouraging and approachable way.


Statistics, Physics, Calculus

Kevin S, PhD

Physiology, Kinesiology, Cellular Biology

Mr. Ko teaches university statistics, physics and 1st year calculus.

Kevin has over a decade of teaching experience as a high-school math and science tutor and teaching assistant for postsecondary  physiology, anatomy, and biomedical sciences. During undergraduate & graduate studies at SFU, he was the recipient of national funding from CIHR and NSERC and is currently an MD candidate at a renowned medical school. Kevin has a passion for connecting with students and looks forward to sharing his experiences with students at various levels of training.  He has excelled in his bachelor's degree, master's degree, and MCAT. 






English, LSAT Prep

English, Test Prep


English, Math, History, Psychology

Angelia had a bachelors of psychology from UBC and currently enrolled as a Master's of Counselling student. She has a long experience tutoring students and especially international students. She continues to find her passion through counselling and enjoys teaching students!

Justin Ko, a licensed New York state attorney and graduate from Harvard Law School as well as UBC, is Metro Van Tutoring's advisor for the LSAT. Mr. Ko also attended University of California, Berkeley, and St. George’s boys school. He is committed to providing high-quality consulting for high school students looking to pursue post secondary education at reputable institutions. Mr. Ko prepares students for the SAT, SAT II Literature subject test, LSAT, and all levels of English in high school.

April is currently attending Mount Holyoke College in pursuit of an Economics & International Relations double major. She has experience teaching kids of all ages, including those who are mentally impaired. April is  able to teach Math 8-11, English 8-12, History, and Social Studies 8-11. In high school, she took AP Psychology, Statistics, Micro & Macroeconomics, European History, and Calculus. She will be completing a research project over the summer and writing her thesis in Fall 2021. April enjoys helping students and guiding them in whatever way possible.

Derek James has recently joined the Metro Van Team and will be teaching classes in English and Standardized Test Prep. 



Kineseology and Biology


Economics, Business and Accounting


Economics, Business and Accounting

Metro Van is proud to have Jake on our team - he is well organized and an enthusiastic young teacher. Jake is completing his Bachelors in Kinesiology at UBC and is a research assistant at both Vancouver General Hospital and BC Children’s Hospital. He was a hockey referee for a decade, spending the last four years in the National Program of Excellence. Jake continues to teach officiating, work on traumatic brain injury research, and teach Kinesiology-related subjects.

Thilina has over a decade of mixed experience in auditing, equity research, corporate finance,
investment banking, valuations, strategic planning, business analysis, business development, lecturing and corporate training. He is a confident and goal-oriented CFA charter holder and a dynamic educator on disciplines of digital literacy, individual & institutional financial advisory & planning, financial research, and wealth management. Thilina has an outgoing personality and is a target-driven, student focused teacher.

Chamika is a professional accountant who is experienced in tutoring Accounting & Finance, Economics, and Financial Management subjects for university and high school students. He has given comprehensive support and assistance for course works and assignments in Business Management and Finance modules for countless students. He is a graduate from Northumbria University, UK and an associate member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK) and Certified Practising Accountants (Australia).

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