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How would you like to score in the 99th percentile in your class?

Have you ever crammed 12 hours for your chem final? Have you lost all faith that you will get into your dream school? What about feeling the crazy amount of stress that so many students feel during testing season? Introducing Metro Van Tutoring, the best test prep and customer-based tutoring center in Burnaby. We provide all the tools your child needs for their success in high school, university, and work environments as well. 


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Dr. Jay teaching chemistry


At Metro Van Tutoring, our goal is to mold students into innovative, driven people. We feel that every child has potential and is capable of doing well if they put their mind to it, and we want to be a stepping stone in your success.

helping you

We have a wide selection of tutors available in order to determine which is most suitable for you. Not only that, but we even guarantee a portion of your money back if you are unsatisfied with your tutor, AND we'll get you a new tutor.

learning together

We focus on you: who you are, what your learning style is, and how we can help you. Our tutors strongly respect the students, as we understand how tough school can be and we commend you for taking the time to learn from us.


Your feedback is so, so important! Communication between you, the tutor, and our admin is key to your success. We want to know if we helped your child accomplish something, or if they aren't happy with the way our center works. So tell us! We appreciate everything you say, as it helps us know what we're doing right or wrong.


Pictured: Dr. Jay Herath teaching Organic Chem to 3 students


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